March 28

Reframing the Opposites

The view of a hologram is determined by the position of the observer.  All personal perception is always partial, limited, and distorted by the arbitrary context that presupposes its being personal.
The nature of mind is to divide, thereby creating opposites. Yet seeming opposites can be reframed using presence and absence. Darkness is not the opposite of light; it is its absence. Cold is not the opposite of heat. Sickness is not the opposite of health; it is its absence. Hate is the absence of love.
Even absence is not the opposite of presence; it is its absence.

March 23

Journal: August 1, 1997

Looking for the place that the sense of I arises from is like looking for the place where the carbonation arises in soda water. All you can find are the bubbles in the water, the effects of the carbonation, but not the source.
The point that is missed is that the not finding is the finding.
Ultimately, one has to discern who is behind the curtain. This can only be accomplished via self-distancing, creating a space between the seeming self, the curtain, and the Self Itself.
One is mind-free and body-free when one no longer identifies with them. They continue to be tools, but one is not them.
Pre-dawn light is not the sun. The suspension of the I-thought is an experience whereas the cessation of the I-thought is realization. The state we call realization is simply being oneself, without being anything in particular. One realizes one is that which only is and has always been.
An object is the awareness of its extension in space and time, and its only existence is in the consciousness in which it appears. Objects do not pre-exist to the awareness of them.
Form is the medium through which the Conscious Life Energy functions. Objects can be located but the awareness of objects cannot be located.
Attention is repeatedly fluctuating between non-dual Self-perception and dualism. When the phenomena of which one is conscious are removed, what remains is Consciousness Itself.

March 18

Shoot Higher

When you invest in being somebody, you are investing in a condemned building. It’s coming down; time will tear it down.
Don’t settle for existence. Existence is spatio-temporal. Being somebody is spatio-temporal.
Nothing relating to the physical body, nothing perceptible by the senses, nothing conceivable by the mind, nothing that can be explained by the intellect is permanent.
Shoot higher, for that which is neither sensory nor mental, and yet without which neither can exist. Shoot for the absolute, irreducible source of all existence.

March 14

Light your Own Lamp

Q: I want to go beyond all this. Can you help me?
R: In order to go beyond all this, you can take nothing with you, not even yourself. Is that what you really want?
Q: Over thirty years, I have been with so many teachers. Yet, I am still in darkness. Are you the one who will bring me to light?
R: No, I can only point to it. Light your own lamp. Once lit, it must produce light.
Turn your life around. Turn your life in the opposite direction, away from the outer and toward what is innermost. The body, the senses and the mind are present in one state, but they are not there in the others. Discover that the authentic-I is continuously present in each of the three states.
Such Conscious Realization is the irreversible stance or viewpoint from Consciousness Itself. Any world that arises is seen transparently as an appearance in OneSelf. It is a returning of the native attention to its source-condition, a transcendence of the pseudo-subjectivity, of the consciousness of a seeming self agent.
There is nowhere you need to go. Everything is right here. When one believes that they must go from here to there to get what they want, when they arrive there, they find that there is here and what was here is now there. It should be obvious that nothing can be gained from this.
You are space, unaffected by what occurs in space. You are not what all happenings happen to. You are what all happenings happen in, as field, or what all happenings happen on, as screen. Take your pick.
You are Consciousness, not one who is conscious. You are the Experiencing in space and time. You are attention; 24/7 presence.