January 29

The Challenge

“Your” story is merely a representation produced by the brain. It allows the brain to anchor itself to something, in essence, to locate itself.

The mind does not create facts; it either describes them or distorts them. When the biases and distortions inherent in one’s story are seen through, the story loses its power.

You are here at this moment in time because of everything you have done before.

You are here at this moment in time in spite of everything you have done before.

You are here; that’s all that matters.

Can you simply stop and be here without concerning yourself with the question “What’s next?”

January 26

That Nagging Question

In your entire life, the “you” that you feel has never changed is, in fact, the Knowing that has never changed. You are Knowing looking out, so to speak, on the knowable.
In the dimension of time and space, tangible images appear on the screen. In the dimension of time, what is called dream, intangible images are present. In the dimension prior to time and space, the screen is empty of images.
What is constant throughout all dimensions is the screen, Consciousness and this is what you are.
Every object only serves to point to you and to prove you to be the Knowing.
Where ever you have been, whenever you have been and whatever you have seemed to be, you were, are, and always will be This, Here, and Now. Anything added on to this is mere costume.
To this end, enlightenment is never an achievement nor is it an acquisition of something absent. Also, it is not a disembodied state.
It is that which involves a change in the experiential references and the concept of the other.
It is the centering of the body in pure consciousness, whereas embodiment is the centering of the consciousness in a body, resulting in enworldment.
It is like the desert wind that sweeps away all traces of the traveller.
It is the dissipation of the delusion of individuality and the illusion of duality. Hunger is there but there is no one who is hungry. Sleepiness comes but there is no one who is sleepy.
The individual is gone; when there is no delineated neighborhood, there is no need for a fence. It is simply a matter of being fully and continuously conscious of what really is for all eternity. It is the most religious stance.
Yet, since it is never an achievement, this begs the question: “What action can bring this about and whose would it be?”.

January 21


R: I should ask most of you to leave. To come here to merely confirm what someone else has said is a poor use of your time.
Those who have clarity don’t come here seeking clarity. Most are unknowingly in a state of confusion; they lack clarity.  To come here in a state of confusion and then to evaluate my words from that state is likewise a poor use of your time.To admit to oneself that one is totally confused is the beginning of real understanding.“You” require localization. You are in this world when awake and in another world in your dreams. In the absence of locale, “you” are not.
What is everywhere cannot have a location; it is non-local. Such is the case with the Conscious Life Energy. Having a body and a brain is inadequate for perceiving. Corpses meet this qualification yet do not perceive. The support of perceiving is this Conscious Life Energy and it experiences itself through its localization in a body.
“Me” is only the I-thought made material and the world is the other-than-I thought made material.
The sense of “I” pertains to the body and emanates from the brain.
When we look for the source of the I-thought in spacetime, we find that it first arose at the age of about two in the neocortex. You didn’t exert effort for it to arise; it arose spontaneously without your approval. If it is to go, it will go in similar fashion.
This outward perspective is mandated by the organism’s instinct for survival ……. perpetually scanning the landscape, so to speak. Therefore, to redirect one’s attention inward goes against the most basic of habits.
You have always been exercising your intellect and never your intuition. If you reverse course and look inward, shutting out all external images and falling back on intuitive feeling, you will receive the true picture of yourself. This is the real and the realisation of the One which words cannot describe, which the mind cannot reach, and which is merely suggested by any term.
In the end, psychological thoughts must cease and reason disappear for It to rise up.

Q: What method you do suggest for Self Realization?
R: Speculation and imagination are the enemies of attention. They move the attentive force away from What-Is. The truth of What-Is is the only liberating factor; but you have to see it for yourself, and not merely be persuaded by me or anyone else. This is why I advise direct investigation. The unnecessary is naturally eliminated by discernment.

Q: What is the harm in my fulfilling my desires?
R: There is no harm, per se. But you must see that objects of desire do not contain contentment. If this were so, then the obtaining of the object would provide lasting contentment from it, but this is not the case. Come to understand that, ultimately, the goal of any desire is the absence of desire. In the absence of desire, are you not content?

Q: My parents were both devout and instilled in me a desire for the changeless. How can this be obtained?
R: This “you” is like a river. Just as you can’t step into the same river on consecutive days, this “you” is always changing. See the incongruity; you claim to desire the changeless, yet continue to cling to the changeful.

Q: Why don’t you speak more about the philosophy of awakening?
R: The philosophy of awakening doesn’t lead to awakening. In that sense, it’s a valuable as immunology is to bacteria.
Granted, it can heighten intellectual understanding, but intellectual understanding can only take you so far. You’re then faced with the choice of utilizing your intuitive abilities, to the degree that they are developed, or you surrender all possible outcomes to the pleasure of the Absolute.

Q: Is non-duality our target?
R: No, non duality is the arrow.

Q: I believe that meditation can lead to realization. I understand that you disagree. Is there any middle ground where you and I can meet?
R: There are tens, if not hundreds, of different types or styles of meditation. Most are meditation on an object of some sort. I have not seen any evidence that this type of meditation can lead you to your goal.
However, an non-objective meditation can be advised; let me explain.
When our consciousness rises from sleep we identify with our body which is represented by the subtle thought “I am this body”. This ego or self, is a conditioned consciousness. There is a sense of duality in that there is the subject – object relationship. We perceive things, beings and events via the media of time and space.
In the dream state the ego operates in the same way except there is nothing to sew the experiences together into an entity to call ‘I’. Everything happens in the moment.
In deep or dreamless sleep, the so-called self subsides. There is no body, mind, world or time and space. Yet we exist and therefore we know that there is nothing to be known. This is our unconditioned awareness, being-consciousness, the Self.
During waking, the periods when the thoughts subside if only for a moment is a clue, an opening to a thought free-state of pure awareness.
If one keeps the attention fixed on the sense of ‘I’ and by remaining there, the ego loses its hold.  Attending to Self is nothing but abiding as Self. It is not doing, but being. That is to say, it is not a mental activity but our natural state of existence.
We should keep in mind that the description is never the described. Intellectual analysis of this cannot provide the necessary understanding. But if you take note of the clues, and with experiment and experience, the true understanding dawns when we rest in a state of Self-abidance.

Q: Why can’t we all live in harmony?
R: Can war and peace be harmonized; can love and hate be harmonized? Only when self and other are transcended can there be harmony.

Q: Am I correct in saying that the ego doesn’t exist?
R: No, the ego does exist. It only doesn’t exist as its been described, as an entity.
If the endless voice which you listen to inside your head is the product of something that is nonexistent, what does that say about your mental state?
The ego is a series of processes emerging from the neocortex region of the brain. It is a psychological structure built by the brain whose primary function is to facilitate survival of the organism. The “talk” is literally and figuratively brainspeak.

Q: How would you characterize an exceptional teacher?
R: An exceptional teacher leaves his viewpoint for many generations to imbibe; as such, his influence is not limited by the lifetime of his physical body.

Q: Doesn’t the brain cause consciousness to occur?
R: Consciousness is an energy coupling the existence of knowledge with the knowledge of existence. It is not an epiphenomenon of the brain. If it were, we would be suggesting that insentient matter can produce sentiency.
When energy manifests through an instrument, the quality and quantity of said manifestation depend on the structure of the instrument. Electricity becomes light in a bulb, sound in a radio, motion in a fan, and heat in a toaster. When the toaster wears out, the electricity is not worn out.
Sentiency is the movement of the energy of consciousness.
There can be no kingdom without a king. As such, consciousness is the king and the world its kingdom …. and you are That.

Q: What is the cause of suffering?
R: Suffering results from a distorted way of relating to the world, a distorted way of perceiving and being.
We come together here to alleviate suffering via the learning of unlearning and the rejection of one’s habitual certainty. It is here where the temporal bows to the eternal, and the relative whispers to the Absolute.

Q: What are the things that we do that impede our progress?
R: One major impediment to clarity is certainty. When one is certain in their knowledge, there is little room for What-Is. When a man doesn’t know, he truly looks, listens, and inquires.
How much do you even really know except what you have read or been told? Whatever is unverified is merely belief and all beliefs are nothing more than outsourced thinking.
As long as the mind is burdened with knowledge, it can never reach wisdom because what we think we know always impedes the arrival of wisdom. Wisdom can set you free whereas knowledge cannot.
A second impediment is involvement. It is impossible to see clearly and discern What-Is when you are involved with what seems to be. Observe impartially allow What-Is to reveal Itself to you.

Q: What can bring about the end of my journey?
R: Seeing that there is no journey ends your journey. You are what you always have been and will always be.

Q: What is realization?
R: Realization is nothing exotic or mystical. It is only your realising your present mistaken viewpoint. It is the returning of the “this” in I-am-this back into I-am.
Q: How can I make that happen?
R: What needs to come, comes.

Q: What’s your secret?
R: There is no secret, not even an open secret.
In a state of total sensory deprivation, nothing is. Yet, you continue; you are.
“I exist” is the permanent self-evident experience of everyone; nothing else is so self-evident.
All thoughts are movements in consciousness, observed and cognized by consciousness. Mind is the circumference of which “I” is the center. The center is released into infinity when the circumference dissolves.
Mind and the world are interdependent. Mind depends on the world for its content and the world depends on mind for its description.
Perception is a function of bodily processes and “body” itself is ultimately a psychosomatic precept.

Q: What is life like for you?
R: Certain subjects don’t lend themselves well to words. It is like trying to explain sweetness. Sweetness is best explained by tasting; the same is the case for the Conscious Life Energy.
Can there be anything seen that is apart from the eye? Can there be anything heard that is apart from the ear?
In the absence of this Conscious Life Energy, what can be?
For the sake of trying to give you a direct answer, it would be this: In the waking state I witness actions, sensations, and mentations. In dream, only mentations and in dreamless sleep, I witness phenomena-free plenum.
However, I always remain, the One indivisible that is pure existence. Both in clarity and in confusion, I am. I am that very light by which darkness is known.

Q: My previous teacher said that mind doesn’t exist because it cannot be produce for healing. Would you agree?
R: Mind as an object, doesn’t exist. However, I likewise can’t produce metabolism, but that doesn’t negate its existence. Absence of evidence cannot be taken for evidence of absence.
Like metabolism, mind is a set of processes which are quite real.

Q: For me, the world is frightening and unsettling. I am not seeking anything as grand as God. I’d merely like some degree of permanence. Is that unreasonable?
R: Can one obtain anything permanent from a world that is impermanent? Neither memory, thought, body nor experience have any permanence. Even if you were to locate permanence, have you considered where you would file it away?

Q: I have come to see that this whole whole is nothing but a dream. Would you agree that this is progress?
R: You might see the whole world as a dream, but as long as there continues to be a “you” seeing this dream from some separate vantage point, no progress has been made.

Q: You have known me for a number of years now. What single bit of your advice have I overlooked?
R: You have forgotten to let every phenomenon remind you of the Subjectivity that you are.

January 16

Locus of Perception (repost)

Nothing can appear unless there is something there to appear to, a locus of perception.

How can even void be known at all if there is no one to witness it?

One is neither the body nor the mind, yet aware of both. When the constant noise of the mental activity is stilled, peace reveals itself as ever-present.