December 29

Single Unity

R: Most people don’t understand me. Their time here is like spiritual window shopping or tire kicking.
They cannot understand because they process my words through the known. The known can never go beyond itself and this “beyond the known” is all that I talk about.
Don’t get me wrong; the known has value, in the same way that a hammer has value. That doesn’t mean you have to carry it with you at all times.
What must be seen is that this collection of world, body, mind and Consciousness Life Energy comprise a single unity. However, it is within the fundamental nature of mind to create duality, I and other. It is the maker of “many”.
If we dream of an elephant, the elephant appears vividly in full detail. But when we wake up, we realize that it was just an appearance in the mind. We don’t wonder ‘Where is the elephant now?’, because we understand that it was simply a projection and had no existence outside our mind. When the awareness that apprehended the elephant ceased, the elephant did not go anywhere, it simply disappeared, for it was just an appearance to the mind and did not exist separately from the mind.
Likewise, the entirety of the gross world emerges from the mental plane. When it is analyzed, it is found to exist inseparably from it.
You have to see that every projection of a “you” is a movement away from yourself. We erect a psychological wall around ourselves through the egoic thoughts ‘I’, ‘me’ and the ‘mine’. Yet, it is only in fact psychological memory; in its absence, who are you?
It manifests as 3 types of desires: relationships, possessions, and affirmation. It is the drive to be powerful and relevant. It is a moving target, constantly changing its center of identification. One minute, it is identified with outside things, next moment with the body, then with the senses or thoughts.
What is lost is the remembrance that we ourselves are the great essence, the basis of all things. Starve the I-thought by depriving it of all other thoughts and perceptions that it normally identifies with. It is the cessation of the label “mine”.When the narcissistic fixation on ‘I’, ‘me’ and the ‘mine’ is released, “true-I” is revealed.

Q: Has anyone ever used their intellect to arrive at recognition?
R: Intellect is the comparing of interdependent and opposing counterparts and, after such comparison, discriminating between them. This constitutes the process of conceptualization, the movement away from What-Is.
Intellect is overrated. If it was as powerful as it is claimed to be, why is the world still so beset with problems? Understanding or clarity requires a letting go of all that has been accumulated. Are you not the sum of all that you have accumulated? If this is not done, then whatever arises is filtered by those very accumulations.
In this sense, memory likewise is overrated. In the absence of memory, who are you? Memory is not required to perceive, to experience. It is only required to retain experience.
As the earth is made to lie fallow for a period of time in order to enhance the yield of the crop, the mind too must be made fallow on a daily basis.

Q: Is yesterday really gone forever?
R: As valleys require mountains, mountains require earth, and earth requires space, all that is is contained in That Which Is.
Yesterday is contained in this-here-now in the same way as yesterdays’ sunlight is contained in a tree’s leaves.

Q: Can an effortless discernment be developed?
R: Effortless discernment arises out of silence. Just be still and allow the new to happen.
Q: But there’s no time; there are things I have to do?
R: Do what you need to do and disregard what you want to do. That will provide sufficient time.

Q: Is there value in reading scripture?
R: The primary value of all scripture is to reveal to the reader that they know virtually nothing. From that point, the scriptures can be used as a map to point the way. But, they are not the way.

Q: You are a cipher. How can I accept you as my teacher when I can’t get a grip on you?
R: Don’t fixate on this person; I don’t matter. Only the words matter. They are the doorman holding the door open.

Q: There are many teachers that say that duality is the culprit. Do you agree?
R: I don’t demonize duality. Appearance requires it in much the same way as north requires south. It is the offspring of the Conscious Life Energy Itself. Seeing through duality is seeing through appearance.
Q: I get it; so after realization, does the world disappear?
R: The world continues but the view of it has changed in much the same way as when a rainbow is explained. The rainbow doesn’t end, it is seen differently. The world disappears when the instrument for seeing the world is no longer vitalized.

Q: Why is religion insufficient for awakening?
R: It is insufficient because it is a failure. It has failed to unify humanity and has instead set one man against another. How can it possibly take man beyond his humanity?
Religious belief has failed us; all beliving has failed us. When we measure what we believe against what we actually know, the scales tip heavily in the favor of the former.
Let’s not speculate; investigate and know first hand.

Q: There is a deep emptiness inside me that I cannot understand. Can you help?
R: To succeed in understanding this emptiness requires that you cease your moment to moment efforts to fill it. Be with it, kiss it on the mouth, be completely exposed and intimate with it. Then you will understand that what feels the emptiness is ego because ego is emptiness, complete insubstantiality. It is like an empty bucket with holes in the bottom. How can it ever be filled?

Q: After listening to you I have concluded that for most people, enlightenment is not possible. Would you agree?
R: The impossible is nothing other than the not yet known. In the 19th century, going to the moon was impossible because we lacked the know-how.

Q: What is the ultimate reality?
R: The ultimate reality is ever existent, pure, free and eternal. It is inexhaustible in the same way as lighting a candle from a fire does nothing to diminish the fire.
Yet, as appearance, it has infinite names, forms and attributes. But all the manifestations of names and forms are in fact, merely energetic wave movements in It.

Q: Doesn’t the brain produce consciousness?
R: This is like suggesting that the dreamer is the effect of dreaming. Consciousness is subjectivity; it can never be produced by an object.

Q: Can you describe for us the experience of enlightenment?
R: No I can’t, because enlightenment is not an experience. An experience ends, regardless of its duration, whereas true enlightenment is unending.
Q: Then, can you describe the journey of self discovery?
R: If I describe it, then it is not a journey but a guided tour. Your journey is your own. I cannot be so arrogant as to suggest what it may look like.

Q: If this world is merely an appearance, and I know this, then why do I continue to react to it?
R: This “you” that reacts to it is also an appearance. It is the larger appearance “you in the world” that you haven’t integrated yet. Intellectual understanding is a function of the left hemisphere of the brain. What is required is an intuitional understanding, an apperception, which is a right hemisphere function. It is not the result of anything and is as sudden as a coronary stroke.
You know how it is when you have forgotten something and then Poof!, you suddenly remember. It’s exactly like that because, essentially, you have forgotten what you once knew.

Q: How can I become aware?
R: You cannot become aware; you are awareness itself, ever-attained. It is not the result of anything.
You are the intelligent indivisible ‘I’ which pervades and uses the body, which sees but cannot be seen, hears but cannot be heard, smells but cannot be smelled, knows but cannot be known. It is always subjectivity and never an object.

Q: Are consciousness and the witness the same?
R: For whatever can be perceived, consciousness is the witness. However, there is yet another, an imperceptible, which witnesses consciousness. Whereas consciousness is time bound, this imperceptible is outside of time.

Q: How do I move beyond this sense of a great distance between myself and God?
R: Distance yourself from any sense of distance. You are this-here-now; your God is likewise.

Q: It is said that hearing the truth one time can be enough. Is that so?
R: Yes, in those most rare cases. All the others should not be satisfied with hearing the concept of snow, when they can immerse their hands in it.

Q: I cannot give up my identification with the body. Am I doomed to remain unenlightened?
R: On the contrary, you give up the identification every day. Somatic identification is given up when one transitions from waking to dream. This enables the identification with the dream soma.
(laughing) There’s still hope for you.

Q: What is the key for attaining deep peace?
R: Peacefulness and the drive for pleasure are incompatible. As such. the latter must be released.

Q: How can I ensure that I am not misled by false teachers?
R: We know that the Highest, regardless of the name we assign to It, is not false. Surrender all to It, live knowingly as Its instrument.
When there is complete relinquishment of all concern with one’s past, present and future, with one’s security, something new dawns and the teacher becomes unimportant,

Q: How will my life change after enlightenment?
R: There’s no hard and fast formula.
The mystery of what we actually are can only be solved by illuminating it, that is, by enlightening it.This enlightenment is the direct knowledge of yourself as you truly are. It is the immediate apperception of the truth of things without reasoning or analysis; immediate knowledge in contrast with mediate or indirect, dependent knowledge.
But, make no mistake about it; after enlightenment, the dirty dishes are still in the sink. Even for Ramana, the vegetables still needed to be cut.

December 24

Scratching the Moon

All effort reflects the desire to exercise control over a process. It is the ego’s delusion that effort solves everything.
When you scraped your knee as a child, what effort did you make to heal it. When you desired to grow taller, what effort did you make? The same effort that was required for you to grow physically is also necessary for you to grow, so to speak, consciously. Zero.
Stop using this moment to get somewhere else. Bring an end to this strategy of ceaseless becoming.
This form is in the service of Consciousness.Yes, I appear to perceive, speak and act, but it just happens, in the same way that I perspire. In me, there is neither a conscious decision nor a conscious decision maker.
From the moment one wakes up until one falls asleep, one is very busy doing something. What vitalizes this doing, what is its motive force? It is the Conscious Life Energy. Notice I didn’t say my Conscious Life Energy.
Understand that the Conscious Life Energy will see to it that all of your needs will be met. Likewise, understand that it is not the responsibility of this same Conscious Life Energy to fulfill your wants.
Set your sights on that which is invisible. Once this is firmly in place, when that which is visible arises, it will be clearly understood.

Q: What is Reality, as you use the term?
R: Man is held hostage by his bifurcation, the creation of a seeming plurality, a series of aspects of Oneness.
Reality is that which is undivided. It is the knower and the known as Knowing.
I can tell you what it is like, I can tell you what it isn’t. Neither gives you the all-important taste of Reality. This is because you can’t taste it, with some “you” being distinct from it.

Q: I’m told that you don’t believe in reincarnation.
R: There is no reincarnation in the sense that when you re-boot your computer, all the previously installed programs return. It’s not like that.
Yet, something reincarnates and this something is calling for investigation.

Q: Is consciousness a product of brain activity?
R: Science seeks to measure and all that it can measure is phenomena. It can’t measure or analyze the subtle. So science is forced to say that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain.
In fact, everything we know about the brain is the product of a consciousness that is prior to it. Science cannot grasp that consciousness is the light by which the sun is seen.

Q: I can’t see the value in returning prior to phenomena. What is the point of nothingness?
R: This is a misconception. The absence of phenomena is not nothingness or void. The absence of phenomena is Consciousness, the screen on which phenomena appear.
Resting in consciousness is the end of what Einstein called the “optical illusion of separateness”.
The experiential state, that is waking and dream, denies or forgets the non-experiental state, the involuntary surrender of the continuity of a seeming self. The non-experiental state does likewise. How is this to be reconciled?
It is reconciled by stepping back into that which preceded either. It is this resting in consciousness.

Q: Why is identification with my body and mind so hard to break?
R: Identification is an escape from the existential sense of no-thingness. This anchoring or attachment conveys a subtle sense of some-thingness. It establishes a positive feedback loop so that the more you are identified, the more you cling to identification. But it, like all egoic function, is a delusion.
When a willingness arises to embrace one’s no-thingness, it may herald the beginning of great things.

Q: I have an intellectual understanding from what you have said. How do I now proceed?
R: Take your intellectual understanding of your essential self and express it. I don’t mean talk to me about it. I mean be it. You know what it is so why not be it? It is far better than being a someone with a closet full of masks. Act in ways that reflect it. This is like watering the seeds to produce flowers.
There simply is no individual, so why be one? There may be behavior that is individual, but there is no entity supporting it. It is the individual behavior of the organism.  We can assign a name to the organism and its behavior, say Roy, but there is no “you,” and there is no “me” as individual entities.
If you truly have an intellectual understanding, show it to me, but not with words. Do it for a single day; stumble if you must. When you have mastered doing it for one day, then do it for another.

Q: Can you prove to me that the ego is an illusion?
R: The mind is inherently extroverted. As such, it naturally eclipses the Subject.
Body consciousness and consciousness of the world are the same, the body being a component of the world.
Events require body consciousness, personalities require body consciousness.
Where is the world when these are gone?
The ego is insubstantial, literally without substance. It is nothing more than a series of brain processes, oscillating between a past that never was and a future that hasn’t arrived.
Memory is the past made now. Expectation is the future made now. They are entirely non-sensory, only mental images. They cannot be heard or tasted or smelled.
Any oscillation between two points of non-existence can be nothing other than non-existent.
In this manner, the reality of the ego is disproved.

Q: Did God create all that is imagined?
R: No. You, the world and God are all parts of the imagined. This can be discerned in stillness.
There is the moon reflected in the lake. The moon makes no effort to be reflected and the lake makes no effort to reflect. Yet, reflection occurs.
If there is movement on the surface of the lake, the reflection is distorted. If the lake is still, the reflection is perfect.
It is the same for you. You are the reflection of divinity, distorted in activity, pure in stillness.

Q: If you are not a teacher, what are you?
R: I am a mediator between confusion and reality.

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish in gathering us together here?
R: Our purpose here is to discard the sense of separateness from the essential unity of existence.
Duality is the medium of experiencing. Prior to duality there is nothing to be experienced.
Self-centricity is the medium for establishing a frame of reference for the experienced. These two media are the first and second movements away from the Totality.
The primary output of the human brain is experience. My experience of this moment is not your experience of this moment because my brain is not your brain. You are conditioned by your experience to such a degree that, in truth, you are your brain.

Q: How does your perspective differ from Buddha’s or Ramana’s?
R: We are all pointing at the same moon, the moon that no cloud can scratch.
Q: Yet, the seem different.
R: So they seem.

December 22

Infinite Eternity

The world, as it is, is infinite and eternal. It is all Now Here. However, for perception to occur in the human brain, the brain must slice and dice what is a seamless whole. To accomplish this, the brain creates three distinct representations. If I were to write the word “lizard” on a blackboard, then direct your attention to the blackboard and ask what you see, most would reply that they see the word “lizard”. Only a few, if any, would say that they see a blackboard suspended from a wall on which the world “lizard” is written. Clearly, the wall was seen, the blackboard was seen insofar as the sense data went to the brain. However, it is the very nature of the human brain to take the totality of the field of perception and chunk it into individual pieces while discarding most of what has been chunked.
We know that the brain processes information in singular bits; that’s why it’s so difficult to hold more than one thought continuously. The bits are strung out in a linear fashion and it is this linear modality when recalled via memory that we have come to regard as time. As such, time is one of the brain’s creations. It is the parsing of Now into past, present and future.
Someone once asked me “How does God know the future?” and I told him that God doesn’t know the future. God knows that there is no future; it’s all right here, right now. The only impediment is the brain’s way of translating the perceived.
Next, when we seek to examine the observer among the observed, we discern that the organism observing is just another object and therefore cannot be the subject. Ultimately, when no true subject can be found, one can conclude that the observer and the observed are not the dyad that they seem.
The subject can’t be found because the subject is everywhere, like air. How do you find air?
The object carries the subject with it. However, the brain creates this space between them and, in so doing, creates the sense of things being separate.
At this stage, then, the brain has taken timelessness and spacelessness and partitioned it into time and space.
Last, at around the age of two, the brain concludes that observing can be improved by including a central reference point around which the observations can be mapped. It needs a pseudo-subject to provide a point of reference relative to the observed. Thus, it creates personhood, a self.
These are the three.
It is often said that there is only One without a second. Understand that such second is introduced by the brain and that such a second means division, which fathers all conflict. The brain has fallen victim to its own machinations, believing itself to be limited in the very space and time that it has created. This, in turn, fuels the desires for continuity and substantiality as the antidotes to limitation.
Perversely, the reflection of one hundred elephants in a mirror now somehow affects the weight of the mirror when, in fact, the seeming activities of the world do not affect the screen on which it all appears.
For as long as you continue to believe that you are a brain in a body, you remain halfway to infinity. Clarity will continue to elude you.
To embrace the Conscious Life Energy is to embrace the player of the music, not its instrument, not its sounds.

December 18

Needing Time

Man is faced with existential problems that he cannot escape. His response is to try to escape. See the madness in it.
He is seeking a continuity within the confines of the discontinuous.
Despite all our time-saving technologies, we seem to have less time.Virtually everyone who visits with me believes that the one underlying prerequisite for enlightenment is time. It needs time, it takes time, in time, I will ……
This is the mantra of becoming. Yet, there is another way.
Self Realization is wordless, non-sensory direct knowledge, an apperception. As difficult as it is to describe, it is far more difficult to bring about.
Give up your dependency on time. Trust that what needs to go will go so that what needs to come can arrive.
Past and future are mental constructs. They cannot be located outside of the mind.
Now is a container that never changes, only whose content changes. Once established in This-Here-Now, you will understand that there is nowhere else to go and nothing else to do.