March 16

Consciousness and Enlightenment

Good Morning Roy. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately from many different teachers. I think I’ve gotten myself all twisted up. I thought I understood enlightenment and I thought I knew what consciousness was. Now, everything is a big mash.

Can you straighten it out for me without the need for fifteen paragraphs?

I’ll try my best.

All there is is this consciousness. It cycles through three states.

First, there is consciousness without content; this is deep sleep. Next is consciousness with temporal content or dreaming. The last is consciousness with spatio-temporal content, the good old waking state.

Clearly see that it is the consciousness which is common to all three. Look from where Looking looks and you will discern that you are That.

This discernment is enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the return to the state prior to the arising of self consciousness. It is the clear discrimination between source and appearance.

It is the result of every effort one has made. It is despite every effort one has made. It is a spontaneous returning to essence.

Whereas the mind is constant movement, essence is immovable stillness.

Being everywhere, it has no place to go. Being in all things, there is nothing it need become.

Hope that suffices.

March 7

Individuality Revisited

Roy, I’ve thought about your recent post regarding individuality. Although I get the gist of it, I don’t feel I’ve gotten it all the way. Can you say some more about it?

The cycle of human life begins as an inert, lifeless, unfertilized ovum and ends as an inert, lifeless body.

In between, there is sentience and activity, a singular event fragmented into smaller events, objectified as a lifetime in spacio-temporality.

When one sees relatively, such seeing is only in relation to oneself.

The fundamental filter through which the world is perceived and experienced is self and other.

When the thinking stops the mind stops. Yet, the functioning continues on.

With the removal of oneself, the seeing is clear.

March 5


Q:  My individuality is what makes me unique. How can you suggest that my individuality is the impediment to enlightenment?

One’s body does not choose the phenomena that have arisen before its senses.

One’s mind does not choose the current perception, thought or feeling that arises in one’s mental expanse.

All that the psychosomatic instrument can do is to react from the conditioning it carries.

Simply do not allow the subtlety of pure subjectivity to be masked by the involvement with the instrument of the subjectivity.