February 26

Separate, Then Separate Again

The world is comprised of the supporting essence and the manifestation. The essence is always and everywhere.

Separate the observed from the observer, then the observed from the observing.

You imagine yourself to be at a certain location occupying a certain volume. What one is must be clearly discerned to be separate and distinct from the observed.

Look at the happenings of the world to your heart’s content. But, understand that none of it happens to you. It all happens in you.

This body requires more rest than the mind. The body sleeps for about eight hours a day. The mind sleeps for six hours a day. That which knows these, that which teaches a fish to swim, never sleeps.

It facilitates your knowing that you are.

Whether there is utter silence or endless mental chatter doesn’t matter. Both are events appearing in consciousness. So, let them be. What one is is prior to either.

Experiences confirm the individual’s continuity. As such, they are continuously sought out. However, in truth, the only experience of value frees one from the need for experiences.

Your changelessness will drown you once you no longer subscribe to any need for your changing.

February 23


What you have begun can be completed today.

What you believe yourself to be must surrender itself to what you always have been.

What you are not must surrender itself to what you are.

The alternative is the continuation of postponement and fractionalization.

February 20

Mind Blinds

The night fears the day since darkness can only exist in the absence of illumination.

Likewise, I-am-this can only exist in the absence of illumination. Thus man, like an owl, is blind to bright illumination.

Mind blinds.

When mind is filled with beliefs, ideas, and definite conclusions, wisdom is not possible. Where doubt is not welcome, understanding cannot flourish.

Instead of trying to see the flower in its original beauty, you look at it through colored glass, and therefore you can never see it as it is.

Consciousness is the witness of all phenomena. However, what witnesses the consciousness must be antecedent to it.

When one discerns that they are this consciousness, then the apperception that they are also the content of the consciousness arises.

The I-other distinction dissolves, and one is the world.

February 17

You Are Not

You are not sad, sadness arises.
You are not humble, humility arises.
You are not depressed, depression arises
You are not fatigued, fatigue arises
You are not hungry, hunger happens.
You are not acting, action happens.
You are not thinking, thoughts happen.
You are a sentient, transparent screen which cognizes the phenomena that appear on it.