September 27

Mother/Father of the Three States

Consciousness, being time bound, is the actualization of the Dynamic Potentiality.

Understand that manifestation is the spacio-temporal expression of consciousness.

Therefore, there is consciousness prior to manifestation, consciousness of temporal manifestation and consciousness of spacio-temporal manifestation. These are the three states of consciousness.

These correspond with what is commonly referred to as deep sleep, dreaming and waking.

The last two could be said to comprise a singular state, the state of appearances in consciousness.

The end of the scrutiny on objects in these two is the beginning of the scrutiny on subjectivity. The conclusion of the scrutiny on first person is the dawning of the true Knowing.

Once dawned, it is seen that that there is no difference between Being and Knowing …………….. your work is done.

September 23

Me, Myself, I

The “I” is the conscious awareness of being in the present moment and having the authorship of actions.

Then there is the notion of “me”, the personal identity, which is who you are based on all your past information and experiences. This is the story of who you are, the owner of all “my’s”. But both the “I” and the “me” are constructions. Certainly we know that memories are always constructed, reinterpreted, reframed; so, information is reformatted to fit with a characterization. And the sense of ‘I,’ and having free will is also constructed.

This “I” appears to have meaning for us on three levels: the person thinks and feels “I”, the touch of beingness is the experience of “I” without thinking, and the Ultimate is “I”, without experiencing it.

This means that the Real which we are is always so already.

September 21

The Matrix

The brain is a multitude of separate processing subsystems that culminate together to create a unified experience.

All of our experience is to some extent a simulation of reality, because we don’t have any direct contact with reality. All senses are processed and transduced into electrical impulses, that then propagate across the neural nets of our brains, which become the basis of the representations of the external world—or the representations

The mind is constantly reconstructing representations that stand in reference to the external world. And often there’s a whole bunch of tricks that are going on; there’s filling in missing information, or creating experiences which are not exactly matched to reality. In that sense we are simulating an external world.

Perception, therefore, is a story; that we integrate information into meaningful models of the world, that includes previous experiences which we use to bring to bear upon our perception.

Return the attention to that which knows the mind and the world and rest there.

September 19


Roy, can to speak a little about knowingness?

Happy to; when we examine the notion “I am this”, we observe that the “I am” is constant whereas the “this” is constantly changing. When the attention is moved from the latter to the former, one faces knowingness.

It is consciousness cognizing what appears in consciousness. It is the nature of embodiment.

What you really are is that by which you know you are. You are the very consciousness through which the world is expressed.

Where would the picture be without the canvas on which it is painted? Consciousness is the wordless message “I am”.

At its root, knowingness is the foundation of everything. In the absence of sugar, what can be made sweet?