July 31

This Play

Roy, This process of manifestation that you have been describing is beginning to make some sense. But the concepts of subjective cognizer and objective cognizer are not sinking in.

Can you please review it again?

Before any beginning, there was only Dynamic Potentiality. When actualized, this manifests into Dynamic Intelligent Energy expressing itself as the body and the world.

The body is an instrument necessary for consciousness to perceive its objective manifestation. The sole problem is the identification resulting in the imagined concept of an independent, autonomous entity which creates the seeming actor, thus making the actions one’s own.

Phenomenality is latent in noumenon. When there is manifestation of the Absolute as separate phenomenal objects, there arises a subject which perceives and cognizes and an object which is perceived and cognized.

The key is that both are interdependent and can only exist in the consciousness in which the manifestation process occurs.

We can only exist as one another’s objects to the subject-cognizer. From here, the mind reifies the seeming subject-cognizer, creating the entity-cognizer which is considered to be the subjective function.

Expanding yet further, this entity assumes itself to be independent and autonomous with volition and choice.

Yet, all the while this play is going on, what we are, the Absolute manifested as the totality of phenomena, continues unchanged.

July 29

Universal Illuminant

Hey Roy. I’m still not entirely clear on this idea of a false self. Can you expand on that a little bit for me?

The habitual reference to a false center must end. You take yourself to be that which events happen to. This is incorrect.

The experiences you have in one state do not follow you into another state. Therefore, they cannot be part of your essential self.

You have dedicated decades to building a prison for yourself. Allow yourself a few moments to begin to tear it down.

Cease to be the object and become the subject of all that happens. To do this, see yourself as the universal illuminant of everything.

July 27

Getting Real About Realization

There is much talk about realization or self realization. To realize is to make something real, is it not? How do you go about making what is already real real?

We seek to make it real because we presuppose its absence. This is the root error. If it is not here now, then it lacks permanence. Haven’t you had enough of chasing after the impermanent?   

Attention liberates. From moment to moment, you chose what you attend to. If you choose the outflow of the mind or the appearance of the world, you take them to be real. But neither can take you to the Real.

July 23

A Singular, Integrated Whole

The body is an inert thing. It is like a fan that works when the wind blows yet cannot function when the power is not available. That which animates the body is really all that I speak about. What is that? It is life energy plus consciousness.

The brain and the body cannot be treated as separate. They are a singular, integrated whole. The personality is how the brain “acts” via the body. Don’t become distracted by the notion of “mind”. Mind equals brain process; it’s another object of perception.

We say that the moon shines in the same way as we say that there is a person that acts. Yet, it is not that the moon is shining. Rather, it is merely reflecting the light of the sun. Persons, too, are only the reflected light of That which ever shines and provides their support.