June 29


Q: Roy, how can I gain a measure of peace?
A: Peace that is merely the intermission between two conflicts is not peace.

True peace exists only when the one who needs peace is no longer there. As long as you exist as someone who seeks peace, you’ve created conflict. To be a human being is the very essence of conflict. 

Darwinism or the survival of the fittest has no regard for the future. Its sole imperative is to gain an advantage over others in the species so that it may continue and replicate. Conflict is inherent in this.
Too, we are psychologically set up for conflict. What do we fear most? We fear our own absence, the end of me. What do we long for most? We long for peace, our own absence, the end of this oppressive me. 

So we have the pushing away from absence while pulling toward absence at the same time. Could I possibly describe a better prescription for conflict?

When we are unwilling to accept life on its terms, when we want things to be different from what they are, when we define ourselves by our preferences, all of these sow the seeds of conflict.
June 27

Being and Doing

Wherever you go, you carry with you the sense of here and now. This is what distinguishes any present experience from memory. It reveals that space and time are in you and not the other way around.

Most people are not acquainted with the sense of their being but only with the sense of their doing.

In truth, there is an organism but no entity. The end of separation is the separating yourself from what you are not.

June 24

To Know Consciousness

That which knows itself is embodied in the organism.

The body is the instrument through which Consciousness experiences its manifestation. It is the window of Consciousness, so to speak.

This manifestation requires the media of time and space. Consciousness resides outside of both and is therefore not knowable as some thing to be known.