May 30


In every situation, the human brain needs to anticipate the future. It must establish a point of reference from which it can frame all the data coming in. This referential center, me-centricity if you will, truly becomes the hub of this created universe.

Too, the brain requires a vehicle or instrument in order to be able to react to the data coming in. As such, it is covered by a protective layer capable of action, the body.

The body doesn’t ask for permission to become ill or to awaken in the morning. The mind does not seek preapproval of a given thought. States of mind come and go in endless succession without orchestration. These things go on on their own; they are not Me.

I am That within which everything appears and disappears. For this no effort is needed because no effort is needed to be what I already am. I am the images that appear, the screen they appear on and the observing of the screen. I am everything.

This becomes obvious when there is a change in viewpoint; from the inside looking out to the world to the outside looking in to the world.

May 25

Sidetrips and Digressions

There are so many unnecessary sidetrips and philosophical digressions that people undertake in their so-called searching:
1.         Is there free will, karma and destiny?
2.         Is the world real or unreal?
3.         How do I kill the ego?
4.         What is the best way to meditate?
I could go on, but the central issue is really this. These questions only seem to be relevant when you view yourself as an object, something that is perceived and identified with that which is momentary.
They lose all relevance when seen from the subjective point of view. Free will, karma, destiny, ego and the world: what do they matter to Stillness, that which observes all phenomena without involvement?
When the viewpoint shifts from being an object to being the very Subject, how can anything take on importance?
That which is truly spiritual is neither physical nor mental. It is that which cannot be confined to any particularized state, any location or any time.
From the spiritual perspective, we come to see that there is only one illusion from which all the other illusions come. It is this: what we appear to be is a phenomenon………. bound by time, finite and perceivable; whereas what we have been, are, and shall always be, is the noumenon — timeless, spaceless, nameless, formless.
Noumenon manifests itself through endless numbers of forms which are created and destroyed every moment, and in this spontaneous functioning there is no place at all for the notion of any entity. In this regard, the world is not populated with 7 billion entities. The world is One Entity; Its name is I.
I am because there is.
Before there is, before all beginnings, after all endings, I am.
Neither inside nor outside, when all is gone, I remains.
What I am is what I was before this seeming birth. Nothing has changed except for the fact that I have put on a suit of clothes called “body”. In this world of duality, all I am is its Functioning, the seeing, the hearing, the perceiving, the knowing, the doing, etc.
Like the wind, I can be experienced but cannot be seen.
May 22


All attachment implies fear, the misguided assumption that something must be held on to. It is only when the death grip is released that true freedom from all fears can be known. All desiring is due to a misguided sense of insufficiency. All desires are like a rice-filled meal; a short time later and you are hungry again.

When you know that you lack nothing, that all there is, is you and yours, desire ceases. Dismount the pendulum of fear and desire. That ground beneath you is Home.

May 19


The first motion picture was of a train moving in the direction of the viewer. Many people became frightened, some panicked and fled the theater, fearing they would be killed.

After understanding that what seemed to be real was not real, most people continued to go to the movies…………and even came to enjoy them.

Similarly, we can continue to enjoy this movie called life even after understanding its true nature.