April 30


The Subjective entanglement with the brain in the body is the knot that must be untied. One’s true essence is only Be-ing, not being this or that. To be, in this sense, is the end of all concerns.

Self consciousness is a state of mind in which there is a private and personal knowledge of one’s own existence as a separate entity and of the existence of the surroundings in relation to said entity. This arising of self consciousness is the crossover from neutral observation to personal observation, from “there is” to “I am”.

Rather than being a seeker, commit to being a finder, a finder of the immovable center around which everything moves. To such finders, I offer no path to the truth.

Instead, I only suggest a path away from what is false and from the identification with the nebulous.

April 26

The Beginning of Mind

What one is conscious of is “of consciousness” only. That is to say that in order to know itself, consciousness objectifies itself. Thus duality births experience.

Every thing is consciousness. It is that which underlies and unifies all.

One particular thing, the brain in a body, is used by consciousness as its instrument for perceiving, conceiving, and doing.

Perceiving, conceiving, and doing extends for about 16 hours each day. This is waking.
Conceiving extends for an additional 2 hours or so; this is dream.
The absence of perceiving, conceiving, and doing is consciousness at rest: sleep.

Consciousness objectified is thought, and thought is mind. Mind objectified is the world.

There is no primal Beginning for this; there is only beginning fresh in every instant.

A thought appears and we know that mind is only thought. When, then, did mind begin? It began with the appearance of the thought. When the thought dissipates and before the next one arrives, there is no mind.

No mind, no beginning of mind.

April 24

Intellectual Understanding

As one considers all the animals on this planet, one discerns that none are unhappy or dissatisfied other than humans. This is so because the human intellect purports to know how things “ought to be”. Many pride themselves on their intellect not realizing that it is this very same intellect that makes it almost impossible to apperceive the true state of things.

This explains why so many who claim to have an “intellectual understanding” of this subject matter remain ensnared by their illusions and delusions.

Intellectual understanding is simply not enough. The flaw of intellect is that it is a higher brain function operating within the distorted view of the world. As such, its output must likewise be distorted.

Intuition, on the other hand, is innate Knowing and is therefore far superior to intellect.

The lesson is that using the intellect to reach Understanding is like hiring a blind housepainter.

April 22

What is Enlightenment?

Awareness is Pure Potentiality. Consciousness is Awareness in duality, in the manifestation of phenomena.

The brain-in-a-body is the bridge between Consciousness as Subject and Consciousness as Object, that is, manifestation. It is the instrument Knowing uses to know Itself. In this sense, consciousness equals experiencing. Experience is the “taste” of consciousness in the same way that sour is the taste of lemon.

Nowhere in the process does there arise the need for a person.

Personhood is like a constellation of stars. We take a pattern and give it a name. But there’s no reality to it. It’s merely another thought form, another label.

There is no entity, as such. It is like the Invisible Man: remove all the bandages and nothing is there except a set of neurological processes, conceptions and perceptions, and the organism’s reactions to these.

What, then, is enlightenment or self realization?

It is an event, the cessation of identification with the limited. It is a return to that time of the organism before the arising of self consciousness. It is that time before the birth of personhood. It is the absorption of my will into God’s Will resulting in What-Is.

As such, no person gets enlightened.

Then, you may well ask, what is a person to do?

You live without self concern, that’s a good start. You simply open the door, sit quietly, and see what arrives.