March 30


Do we possess an individual self or soul that is separate from our physical biology or are we simply an enormously complex biological network that mechanically produces our hopes, aspirations, dreams, desires, humor, and passions? 
A name is merely an address. What occupies the address is what is important. When you are alive and conscious, but no longer self- conscious, your days of personhood will have ended. 
The person may continue to be there, like your shadow is there. But it is seen for what it really is.
March 26


Words can only take you to the limits of words. Words are not facts, they only serve to point to them. 
Where words end, is the borderline to reality. You cross it at your own risk, because once crossed, the seeming you is no longer.   
It’s all conceptual. You look at a log cabin and say “house” and I say “wood”. Is one more right than the other? 
Let’s say I go to Fiji, dig up some soil, put it in a jar, and bring it home with me. When my friends ask me what Fiji was like, can I show them the jar?
March 23

About That Person

We can study the function and behavior of any organism. Why is it that only in humans do we create the concept of a person? 
The person is like the music produced by the instrument. The situation as it presents itself is that there is an organism and an entity in the organism whose thoughts, feelings, and actions are referenced as “the person”. What we are therefore suggesting is that we are possessed by the entity. 
Even if this notion was left unchallenged, it begs two questions: “Where does the entity come from?” and “Is this person, this entity, anything more than the organism’s avatar?” 
March 19


How many are there who are interested in a life that is beyond the identification with the brain in the body? 
Suppose at 9 pm, you fall asleep and begin dreaming. In the dream, an archeologist and an anthropologist tell you that the world is millions and millions of years old. Midnight arrives; how old is the world in the dream? Is it millions and millions of years or a few hours?  
When you are asleep and dreaming, your eyes are closed, but you’re having full, rich visual experience —because it’s the same process of running your visual cortex, and then you believe that you are seeing.  One of the seductive aspects of a dream is that it does not allow one to doubt its reality. 
Don’t be deceived. There is Functioning and the Perceiving of the Functioning. The seen is discontinuous while that which sees stands outside of time.