February 28

The Brain, Part One

Your body appears to you as a series of sensory perceptions and concepts. It is in this way that you know you have a body, when you feel it or when you think of it. These perceptions and these thoughts appear in you, pure conscious attention.  
The brain-in-a-body is the very manifestation of consciousness. It is experienced as the outer world of sensations and the inner world of images and thoughts. 
The brain needs localization; it needs to be able to locate itself. A body sensation, an emotion or an idea will suffice. As a rule, I prefer not to use words like outer and inner. They are only relevant from the point of view of the body. When I say that you live in the house, but you are not the house, this is easily accepted. Yet when I say you live in the body but are not the body, all hell breaks loose. 
The mind, that is, the voice of the brain, is not pleased because this challenges the very underpinnings of “me”.  
Because you identify yourself with the body, you think the teacher too is the body. You are not the body, nor is the teacher. The teaching may come to you via a body, but that is not the same. That is why it is foolish to reject a teaching because the teacher doesn’t fit the mold of how you believe they ought to be. Would you refuse your mail delivery simply because the postman is unkempt?  
The body is like a toaster that works when electricity is connected to it yet cannot function when the power is disconnected. Your body, like the toaster, is an inert thing. That which animates the body is really all that I speak about. 
What is that? 
It is this Complex of life energy plus consciousness. 
February 23

Losing It

Something is lost when you stop thinking, and that something is “you.”

The person was not there before you were born, nor will it be there after you die. Instead of struggling with the person, why not leave the personal altogether?

It does not mean the extinction of the person; it means only seeing it in right perspective.

Even if it is only for a single second, the experience of “no you” has the power to be life altering. It is the very transcendence of the twin prisons of past and future.

February 20


Stillness and sensitivity facilitate the sensation of Conscious Presence in the body.

One perceives objects through the senses.

One perceives the senses through the mind.

What is it that perceives the mind?

The mind is not anything in itself. It is the name of a brain function. When thought and feeling are absent, the mind cannot be said to exist.

Therefore, what perceives the mind is only Consciousness.

February 18

As It Is

Look at things as they truly are. See the mind and the body as reflective of the nature of the organism. Observe them without judgment. Once they are fully understood, one can move beyond them.

We are constantly striving to be something we are not, because we are afraid of being nothing in particular. Our identity is attached to our “thing-ness”.

We live in confusion. It must be this way because we are not reacting to the world as it is. We are reacting to how it appears to us, as it has been filtered, interpreted and judged by the brain and its mind.

The desire for realization is just another escape route. One may say it is a higher escape route, but it is escape nonetheless. It is the dissatisfation with, refusal to accept, what-is.

Paradoxically, it is the acceptance of what-is that foretells realization.

The end of confusion begins with no longer believing the mind.