December 17

From Complete Confusion

This e-mail arrived a short time back:

I am writing from a place of what feels like complete confusion. I’ve been on the spiritual path for many years, moving thru many teachers, many teachings and many practices.

For what?

I don’t feel any closer to the end than when I began. What I am now is what I was then. No progress.

It’s easy to believe that the fault is all my own. But I can’t find what that fault might be. Can you shed some light on that?

Actually, you’ve hit the nail right on the head without intending to do so. “What I am now is what I was then.” Let me make a couple of points.

Taking what you said a bit further, what you are now is what you’ve always been. You are that beingness…………… are.

Yet, even this Beingness, the actualization of the Potentality, is time-bound too. All the forms, all the names, only exist in this beingness, when you are.

Lacking the moment-to-moment awareness that “you are” doesn’t mean that you are not. It only means that your attention is elsewhere. So, let’s bring it back:

What is the difference between the eyes of a statue and your own? Both are eyes, yet some power facilitates sight in you but not in the statue. Turn your attention toward that Power, toward That.

Don’t become confused; don’t be concerned with teachers. Because we believe we have a body, we believe that a teacher must also have a body. When there is no body, then the teacher is everywhere.

I hope that these few pointers will facilitate the re-direction you seem to be looking for.

December 10

The Complex

What is to be understood is that you are in essence The Complex which is formed by consciousness and the life force. The world is, pardon the expression, an afterthought. It doesn’t matter.

This Complex provides sentience and activity to the body. It provides beingness and functioning to the world. Yet, they are merely an appearance; they don’t matter. It is like the way things were prior to the arrival of self-consciousness. Nothing was of any value.

They don’t matter in the same way that gasoline doesn’t care how fast the car goes. The electricity has no interest in whether or not the oven heats evenly. Smoke does not disturb the sun. The wind doesn’t care about the kite’s dance.

As one has no interest in what the neighbor down the street is doing, have no concern for the activities of the body. It does what it does and fulfills its role.

Remaining as The Complex, all is peace. Phenomena appear and disappear; the space remains.

The world doesn’t matter.

December 5


All of us have spent almost the entirety of our lives believing that we are individuals, that we are personalities with pasts and, hopefully, futures.
Most of us, however, are dissatisfied with the way things are. We believe that there could be something more. Some are just beginning to search for it. Others have been searching unsuccessfully for months, years, and decades.
Why is this so? Maybe it’s because you’ve been looking in the wrong place.
We believe that we know what we are. I challenge that. I don’t believe that most of us do. What we believe is mere hearsay, told to us over and over by our parents, peers, teachers and society.
We’ve never taken the time to look and see for ourselves. That’s what we do here…………… and we do that by removing what we aren’t and seeing what remains. It is the same method as the sculptor uses.
Many believe that the sculptor adds shape and texture to the raw material to create the sculpture. That’s one way of looking at it. I prefer to see the sculptor as simply removing from the raw material everything that isn’t the sculpture. What remains IS the sculpture