September 30

Disappointment with Teachers

One of the most frequent comments I receive has to do with disappointments with a teacher. More specifically, the disappointment has to do with issues regarding behavior and demeanor.

It may not be acceptable to many to hear this but we must not expect teachers to behave in a prescribed fashion. We err when we assign sainthood to sages; the blackboard need not be a certain way for the words written on it to be true.

Teachers will go whereas teachings remain. That is one of the gifts that has been bestowed on this generation.

In the past, teachings were handed down via oral tradition. Corrupted by translation and memory, what has survived from these oral traditions is a poor representation of what the teacher sought to convey.

However, in the last 100 years, teachers have committed many of their teachings to writing. Too, real time transcriptions of the words of the teacher and audio/visual records bring us the teachings in their fullness.

This is our good fortune and rather than place the focus on the personage, it is preferable to attend to the teaching.

September 28

Love Affair with Mind

What is the mind other than the Personal Assistant of the “I” thought. It strategizes, it reacts, it serves and protects, it maintains the DayPlanner and creates the wish lists. It edits your old diaries, sometimes re-writing, other times imagining alternative outcomes.

The numerous arguments about the mind are produced by the mind itself, for its own protection and continuation. I refuse to provide it with traction.

Energy moving through space creates wind. It is the same energy moving through water that creates waves. Likewise, that energy moving through the brain creates wave-states we call thought. The totality of thought we call mind. The waves rise and fall, come and go. The Complex remains.

This Complex uses the seeming individual as its instrument. This is apperceived when the attention rests somewhere other than on thought.

The mind is not the instrument to use to attain true peace. The mind cannot know true peace because the mind is the antithesis of peace. At best, it may discern an echo, nothing more.

When every inch of the canvas is covered with paint, the background, the canvas is lost. This world is one such painting and it is the mind which both impedes and distorts our perception of the canvas.

September 24


In most of us, there is an inherent dissatisfaction. Something is not right. Yet, we consistently fail in righting the not-right because we look in the wrong place.

The problem is not the world; the problem is our view of the world.

We have created our encyclopedia of personal knowledge, beliefs and opinions based on second hand information. We never questioned whether it is flawed or not. Our entire lives, we have been led around by the nose by a perspective that simply isn’t true.

Of course we are dissatisfied with the construction that we have created. How could it be otherwise?

The process to correct the not-right begins with being empty………..empty of all comparisons, empty of all beliefs.

Empty of notions of the lush landscape of Heaven, empty of the notions of the harsh terrain of Hell. Empty of what we believe lies in between the two.


September 21

Inside the Cloud

When you live inside a cloud, your vision is limited and distorted. In compensation, there is a projection of a world so that one may believe that the vision is pure.

It is inherent in the way that the brain functions that when it sees a part, it also sees apart. The brain was designed to acquire data from the external world through our sense organs; to analyze, store, and process this information; and to generate representations and behaviors that optimize our chances of survival and reproduction.

But I am here to tell you that all there is is life or functioning and the perception of that life or functioning. Humans have this tendency to reify, to create entities where none are needed or truly exist. It is all a construction project which started with the arrival of “me”. All talk of persons and individualities is nothing more than the mind’s diversion, to try to impose order on what seems like disorder.

To be, no past or future is required. These are only needed to be something in particular.

The existence of ego is notional only. There is a singular step in understanding; it is in giving up the false concept of I/me as a separate entity. Then there is no need for merging with the Totality because the notional boundary has been eliminated. It then becomes clear that it is foolish to talk about being “one with” that which you’ve truly never been separate from. The idea of oneness collapses in the absence of two-ness.

Apperception of this is not a gradual affair. Apperception is like lightning, spontaneous and instantaneous.

This is Self realization or enlightenment, the understanding that you are the Subject to which all percepts and all concepts appear, the Knower of “you” and your world.