August 29

Who’s Thinking?

Through tens of thousands of repetitions, we have established the default (habitual) state of placing our attention on the frontal area of our brain. This corresponds to the forehead and is where thought appears.

You will notice that I did not say “where thinking occurs”. That is because we have no evidence that we think, that we create thought. Thought appears and we may be little more than a receiver for it. We just don’t know.

Moving the attention away from this location disconnects the preoccupation with thought.

But if I do that, won’t my thinking stop?

Focus on your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Now move your attention to your right knee. Did you breathing stop? Why would you assume that the thought process would cease simply because you don’t attend to it?

What does moving my attention away from thought accomplish?

It moves you away from identification with thought. Whatever thoughts appear, you are not your thoughts.

But my thoughts guide me through the day.

I never said that the thoughts would cease. The thoughts will continue to direct the organism. Not being the organism, you aren’t concerned.

If I’m not the organism, what am I?

Yes, that’s the right question.

August 26

3-Year Old’s Picture

Let’s look at the picture of the 3 year old that you brought with you. You claim it is you. Let’s see.

It doesn’t look like you. It’s behaviors are not the same as yours nor are its thoughts. Granted, it’s name is the same but surely that can’t be all of it.

So what is it that makes it you?

You can visit a river every day and take it to be the same. However, upon reflection, it is obvious that it is not. The water that comprised the river yesterday is not the river’s water today. In the same way, what you are today is not what you were yesterday, the appearance notwithstanding.

Do we then just accept that this identity is a constant movement and leave it at that? Or do we continue to dive deeper, to fathoms that we have yet to fathom?

That you exist and that you know that you exist cannot be challenged. We are here only to look at what else we can know you are with certainty. There are no techniques, no practices. What you really are is never achieved through technique. Technique is movement away from it.

See that to live as a person is to live a life of restriction because each person has to be a certain way, in the modes of behavior that define that person.

This world is filled with genetically produced personalities that have been modified to societal standards. This illusion of individuality is the source of all other illusions. It is a learned response, a reflex. When the habit is broken, interest wanes in the source illusion and clarity pervades. When you free yourself from your concepts and conditioning, you live in the beauty of your absence, in the absence of any one in particular.

Don’t take my word for it; look and see for yourself. It requires your active participation. It wouldn’t be reasonable to expect to do well in an Art Appreciation class if you refuse to give attention to the artwork.

August 24

Peace and Acceptance

Although survival is the primary objective of the organism, it is important to draw a distinction between physical survival and psychological survival. The I-thought is the scaffolding on which the entire psychological structure is built.

Psychological survival is an aberration whereas the drive for physical survival is a natural biological imperative. It is not uncommon, however, for the two to be in conflict.

Said conflict doesn’t end until you come face-to-face with the reality of your own helplessness, that you don’t have the control you’ve been telling yourself that you have. You see that nothing produces an intended outcome that lasts and you can’t think your way out of it. Some call this surrender; others say it is acceptance. It amounts to the same thing.

This notion of control is one of many flawed assumptions; nobody controls anything. Does the river control how the water flows down the mountainside as it returns to the ocean? Everything occurs in the universal flow of all things.

Everything is the way it is because the entire universe is the way it is. Everything being connected, everything causes everything else. Seeing this heralds peace.

Peace is simply the acceptance of whatever is in every moment. Without the illusions of personal control and personal identity, there is a grateful acceptance of whatever the universe gives and an equal measure of acceptance of whatever the universe takes away.

August 21


There is peace as a state of mind and there is peace as a state of being. The former dissolves quickly under stress  whereas the latter is unassailable.
As a species, our perspective has narrowed as our society has evolved. Why else is it that the woman who receives a  ring from her husband is grateful to him but experiences no gratitude toward That which provided the finger?
Be weary of oxymorons such as “lasting pleasure” and “peace of mind”.
Food consumed in your dream does not appease the hunger you feel when you wake up.
You must expend far more energy to be what you aren’t than what you expend to be what you are.
In a raw fruit, ripening results in sweetness. In humans, it results in clarity.
A thought is merely a rumor. Believing in it makes it seem to be true. If the village idiot calls you “stupid”, you give it  no credence. Why assume that your mind knows what it’s talking about?
Believing that the Subjectivity that I speak of can be found is a flawed assumption. Subjectivity cannot be found; only objects  can be found. As such, why continue in fruitless searching?
Worry ties you to the world. The best way to improve your world is to question your world.